Hi, I'm Gemma and I don't really know where to start or what to say. I'm a university student living in Manchester, but my hometown is further 'up north', near Newcastle. There are times when the whole city thing gets a little bit overwhelming but taking a step back always helps and its then that I realise how much I do love living in a city.

I've always been interested in blogs, reading a whole load of different opinions and reviews on products or even just a casual chat about people's days, either way it was always a interest, hence why I made my own. I like how I can talk about whatever I'm interested in and someone somewhere, maybe across the pond, will share that same interest. Many people stick to one category and that's all they talk about, which is fine they may know more in that one area, but because I'm interested in many categories/subjects my blog may seem jam packed at times, sorry.

I'd love to write everything about myself but I'll be here all day and you'll be reading all day!


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