Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Update: Everything

Lets just say I haven't been the worlds best blogger, woops. I finished my exams and went headed straight for the airport to go on holiday, I had such a lovely week away that blogging slipped my mind and it got to that point when I didn't exactly know what I wanted to blog about. So here I am, with a life update.

I had a week away with my family at the Spanish town, Salou/Portaventura. It existed of large amounts of lager, water slides and rollercoasters...need I say more? The hotel was fully inclusive and was so so lovely, as were the staff that worked there. My two younger cousins came so the holiday was more about finding entertaining activities to do, hence the waterslides and rollercoasters (even though I'm not the biggest fan). The weather was glorious and I'm now sat typing this post with typical English grey clouds, why was my holiday six weeks ago? Please can I go back?

Since coming home I've felt somewhat better. My anxiety is not as bad and I'm pushing myself to do and try new things. I have only recently got put on the insurance of a family members car, meaning it's the first time I've drove since passing my driving test a year ago, scary. It's the only time being home that I felt anxious as driving isn't my most favourite thing, but however I do feel a lot more confident, even if I only drive to the corner shop, its still something.

Future Plans
In just over a month I move back to Manchester to start my second year of university and surprisingly I feel ready and excited to go. I'm familiar with the surroundings and what does and does not make me feel comfortable. To anyone that is moving to a bigger city, don't be put off straight away and don't bite the bullet and give up. Get to know where you are and where everything is and do it slowly.
I have posts planned, but not yet written and I'm excited to get into the flow of everything again. Hang on, I am still here - lol.

This may be a boring little post but I've re-wrote this about 5 times now and everything is not making sense and words all look the same. I'll be back soon...

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